Newsletter | September 18, 2019

09.18.19 -- Using Pay-At-The-Table Technology To Win Business

Using Pay-At-The-Table Technology To Win Business

Between the limited implementations available and the high cost, adding a tableside device to their ecosystem provided more problems than solutions for resellers. However, recent changes in the industry have allowed this technology to increase sales and augment the considerable value resellers can already provide. 

Why Have Pay-At-The-Table Solutions Failed To Meet The Needs Of U.S. Restaurants?

Restaurants outside of the U.S. adopted pay-at-the-table solutions years ago. Throughout the U.S., providers of this technology failed to implement a viable solution and all its inherent benefits. However, a paradigm shift for pay-at-the-table solutions is on the horizon, and resellers need to become educated to take advantage of the opportunity.

How To Use Security Technology To Close A Sale

The risks data breaches bring are very real. It is not an overdramatization to say that if a business fell victim to a security breach, it could shutter its doors tomorrow. But most business owners are not aware of that enormous risk, let alone educated and prepared.

How To Outsell Changes In Technology And Consumer Behavior

Years ago, business owners sought resellers who could provide technologies to streamline operations. Today, business owners need more from resellers than just technology. So, what can resellers do to stand out while staying ahead of changes in technology and consumer behavior?