Guest Column | December 5, 2013

Use YouTube At Your Own Risk

By Clint Hofer, Owner, Slingfly Media

YouTube rivals Google as one of the most searched and visited sites on the Internet today. If you are banking on using YouTube in hopes of generating leads, be careful that all of your time and effort are not being wasted. As a video platform, YouTube is easy to use, and it is recognized as one of the most popular and trusted video sharing sites. Since Google purchased YouTube a few years ago, it created a powerhouse of search engine possibilities. In fact, there are legitimate reasons and strategies for using it to host and even rank your videos in Google using YouTube.

 Remember the goal of your online marketing efforts is to expand your brand and create leads. In a previous article, I brought out a few points on expanding your brand online. Your research and content creation should be done with the end users in mind. Creating content that connects and providing an easy way to reach your business should be job number one for your online initiatives.

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