Case Study

Case Study: Upper Dauphin Area School District Relies On Barracuda Networks For Innovative Data Backup Strategy

Source: Barracuda Networks

The UDA School District offers state of the art facilities for its 1200 students, and 170 teachers and staff members. The District must have a sound data backup strategy in place to protect its valuable information assets in the event of a system failure or natural disaster, while meeting the data retrieval needs of individual users on a daily basis. The IT team, consisting of two individuals, manages and maintains the entire network infrastructure and sharply felt the strain from the limitations of their tape backup system.

"Our tape backup system continually presented problems for us," said Bryan Campbell, technology director. "It took too much overhead to make it work, plus I wasn't fully meeting all my requirements for having multiple copies offsite."

With 21 servers and 600 workstations to support, Campbell was endlessly involved in handling server application and backup software conflicts, investing in new tapes and drives, not to mention the cost of maintaining the backup software and time to actually conduct the backups – which failed on a regular basis.