White Paper

Unitrends Recovery Series Appliance — Addressing Enterprise-Class Data Protection

Source: Unitrends

Unitrends large appliances, with our scale-up, scale-out architecture, were specifically designed to meet the demands of enterprise environments burdened with explosive data growth and distributed infrastructures Unitrends Recovery Series larger appliances offer enterprise-class features that enable organizations to scale from a single data center to multiple data centers with hundreds of terabytes, and can accommodate infrastructures where data centers are either centralized or distributed. Unitrends offers unified data protection that easily scales with your dynamic data requirements.

IT professionals within complex environments face challenging decisions when purchasing enterprise-class data protection solutions. The solution and all the associated costs, including maintenance, annual license renewals, per-server or perseat licenses, etc., are part of the consideration process. With Unitrends No Limits Licensing, the value speaks for itself. When you purchase a Unitrends appliance, you purchase enterprise-class backup and restore functionality at the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Your Unitrends appliance is licensed to seamlessly scale with your business. As your data grows, simply add additional appliances and manage all through one single pane-of-glass. Unitrends Recovery Appliance family integrates within your existing infrastructure by leveraging your high-speed networking, and is optimized to use 10GbE or fiber channel. The integrated functionality of an appliance combined with integrated all-in-one licensing dramatically reduces not only the upfront and recurring financial investment, but also the stress and burden of managing backups.