White Paper

Transitioning To A Merchant Service Provider: 7 Keys Steps

Source: Vantiv Integrated Payments

Today’s go to market strategies and revenue cycles are changing. Traditionally, the go to market strategy was simple—stop by the new business, discuss its POS needs, sell a system worth thousands of dollars and tack on an annual service contract. Then move onto the next merchant. But in today’s technological world, merchants are looking at a plethora of choices that quite frankly were not available before. Budgets are tighter, resources are lower and expectations are higher.

Taking your business into this next generation means you are looking through merchants’ eyes and offering a solution that enables them to not only choose you, but do so in a way that flows within the way they want to do business. It’s a transition from a one-time sale and annual contracts to attractive entry level pricing with clearly defined upgrade opportunities and open-ended billing cycles. It’s a transition from reseller to merchant service provider and it’s not always easy. Mercury works with thousands of resellers and has watched many successfully make this transition from reseller to the as-a-service-merchant services provider. While every partner faces unique situations and obstacles, they also experience similarities. Here is an overview of seven steps you can take to help you make this transition.

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