Guest Column | February 18, 2014

Top 10 Wireless Site Survey Tips And Common Mistakes To Avoid

Wireless Site Survey Tips

By Cal Calamari, Global Solutions Lead for Enterprise Networks and Connections, Motorola Solutions

Wi-Fi wireless networks are ubiquitous these days: changing the way we work, the way we communicate, and our expectations of how we access the information we need, wherever we are. Wi-Fi is pervasive in all things mobile — the devices we carry to communicate — and can be found almost everywhere, e.g., home, work, cafés, fast food restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, retail stores, manufacturing, subways, trains, and airplanes.

Even as prevalent as Wi-Fi is, the user experience connected to these networks can vary. The user can experience dropped connections, poor performance, or decent data service but poor voice or video. Variances in user experience can be directly attributed to “Plan, Design and Deploy” attributes of a wireless site survey.

To help you achieve a better overall wireless network design and end user experience, below are Motorola Solutions’ Top 10 Site Survey Tips you can take to ensure a successful wireless site survey.

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