Blog | November 11, 2013

Today's Modern Retailer Requires A Modern Solutions Provider

Source: Business Solutions
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By The Business Solutions Network


The POS industry has changed. Big surprise, right? Thanks to a variety of factors, with the two biggest probably being payment processors entering the market and the appeal of iPad POS, prices and margins on traditional POS solutions have tanked, leaving many long-standing POS dealers scratching their heads or, worse, working on an exit strategy.

What hasn’t changed is that your customers have a variety of problems, challenges, and opportunities that can be addressed using technology. They always will. Perhaps fifteen, ten, even as recent as five years ago, you might have brushed off certain customer solicitations because you only sold POS and that’s all you needed to sell to have a successful dealership. You can no longer pass up on these opportunities.

You know what else hasn’t changed? Your customers will always need a trusted advisor. As the caretaker of the backbone of their business, you are the best positioned to be that advisor. No other technology provider is more deserving of “trusted advisor” rights than you.

Even if you’re somehow immune to the changes taking place, not selling solutions beyond the point of sale is plain old dumb because you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. In fact, you’re leaving more money on the table than you’re making with POS.

PSA (professional services automation) vendor ConnectWise recently created a really slick infographic which does a fantastic job of illustrating the various points of technology use in today’s modern retail environment. The infographic depicts 16 opportunities for IT sales. Sixteen areas you could be helping your customers while bringing in revenue.

If you’re simply trying to sell POS systems, you’re ignoring 15 opportunities! If you’re whining about how apps or “free” POS systems are ruining your business, don’t forget to berate yourself for not selling the 15 other solutions that aren’t “free” and could be bringing in revenue.

For years, I’ve been evangelizing the line card addition of technologies and services like payment processing, video surveillance, loyalty, and digital signage. This infographic shows how deep you could be going with customers. Print it, share it with your employees, share it with the owner of your company.

Despite this constant drum beat of editorial on these topics, I still talk to VARs who don’t get it. They aren’t convinced, don’t make the time, or have any number of excuses (even very valid ones). I’m writing today to say that, valid excuses or not, the longevity of your business depends on you changing with the times. The modern retailer is here and it needs a modern solutions provider.