Case Study

Case Study: TNCI Improves Exchange Recovery And Reduces Risk Of .PST Files With Mimosa NearPoint

Source: Mimosa Systems

By Michael DiBenedetto, Network Administrator

TNCI is a leading provider of telecommunication services to businesses. The Network Administrator, Michael DiBenedetto, supports eighty employees with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 for messaging services. Currently Michael has implemented mailbox quotas of 130 MB each and the total Exchange Store size is 12 GB. "My users rely on their email for all of their important business communication. We have an inside sales force that support an outside sales channel and email is the form of communication that links everyone together," said Michael. "It is common for email to contain business agreements, letters of authorization, quotes and signatures. Some of my users have been saving email since 1998 and have GB's of total stored email." Email data that is current is stored on the Exchange Server and all other email data is stored in local Personal Store (.PST) Files.

TNCI needed improved Exchange recovery and better management of .PST files. After deploying Mimosa NearPoint, TNCI was able to reduce Exchange recovery time to less than one hour. Existing .PST files were archived to NearPoint for better management and improved user access.


  • Improved overall Exchange recovery
  • Protection for email contained in .PST files
  • Improved management of historical email records