Guest Column | February 29, 2012

Tips To Successfully Sell Loyalty

Travis Priest Sundrop

By Travis Priest, CEO, Sundrop Mobile

What do POS VARs need to know to be successful at selling loyalty software?

Sales demand for these modern loyalty programs are driven primarily by the marketing department, not the IT department. When selling POS into a major account, VARs are working primarily with IT departments to drive the sale – marketing is a stakeholder in the process, however, they are in backseat when it comes to the overall decision of which POS to implement.

We're seeing a dramatic paradigm shift as a result of these new loyalty programs. These mobile-based and social-enabled loyalty programs are driving the choice of which POS system, and sometimes merchant processor, that the IT department is forced to support. Suddenly, CMOs are finding themselves in the driver's seat pushing the choice of POS technology.

As a VAR, you need to adjust to this fundamental change: marketing is the new technology driver. In the future, VARs will find they're required to spend more time selling to the CMO as well as the CIO. To be successful, it's imperative that VARs learn the basics to be able to talk knowledgeably to both stake holders.