Guest Column | August 11, 2014

Tips For Using Storage To Enable A Business

Eric Bassier

By Eric Bassier, Director of Data Center Product Marketing, Quantum

Data Storage

In industries with some of the biggest data storage challenges — broadcast, media, retail, geospatial, and many others — many companies don’t refer to their data as “data” anymore.  They refer to it as “content,” “assets,” or “information.” 

These companies recognize that their employees or clients can use this digital information to add value to their businesses — to gain insights to grow revenue, speed time-to-market, gain competitive advantage, and improve margins. It points to a growing general trend of thinking about storage as a way to enable the business, rather than just as an expense.

Many of our customers are among these leading edge companies and here are some key learnings drawn from their experiences:

Tip # 1:  Build storage solutions based on the “workflow” of the data or information. It sounds simple, especially since the concept of workflow of data makes sense in almost any application. An example of a workflow is the ability to ingest data quickly without losing information, share it (often globally), and preserve it based on business line needs. However, many companies still continue to take a “one size fits all approach” to their data. In the example of a large retail company, many videos and images used for advertising are stored and backed up with the same tools as a large database, or Exchange servers. A better approach is to look at each data type individually and design storage solutions based on the workflow and needs of the users.

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