Guest Column | May 14, 2012

Timeclock Technology: Integration And The Effect Of Heightened User Expectations, Guest Series - Part 2

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A Q&A with Larry Dawson, vice-president, marketing Accu-Time Systems

As technology is rapidly evolving in the consumer world, these same technologies are starting to be integrated into Human Capital Management (HCM) / workforce management hardware and software. Individual consumers who are also the end users of the HCM systems have come to expect the same level of technology and integration they receive on their personal devices to be incorporated into the workplace devices. Whether we are talking about software integration and graphic user interfaces (GUI) that are simple and easy to use, or if we are talking about a touch-screen display that has the look and feel of a personal device, this blending of the work and personal device-user interaction is gaining importance as more self-service features and options are being integrated into the systems.

Q: As solution providers try to integrate multiple parts of HCM, what challenges do WFM software companies face when specifically trying to integrate a timeclock into their solution?

A: As powerful and comprehensive as today’s WFM and ERP applications are, they must still collect critical data from timeclocks, POS devices, smartphones, PCs, and other platforms on which employee’s punch in. The difficulty occurs when trying to get those divergent devices and applications to talk to each other...

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