Case Study

Time is Money – Make More of Both

Source: Autotask Corporation

2Gen Pty Ltd is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that provides I.T. management services to small and medium businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. 2GEN’s goal is to provide clients with 100% system uptime, no interruptions and a secured, responsive network that never fails.

“If time is money, then downtime, is BIG money and the more dependent you are on I.T., the greater the costs. Downtime directly affects your staff, your customers and your profitability,” says Richard Fitzgerald, president of 2GEN. “Our I.T. management services are focused on system uptime and are specifically designed for I.T. dependent businesses. We don't simply deliver a technical resource, we deliver an entire staff dedicated to helping our clients leverage their assets through large-enterprise best practices, world leading technology and very high levels of personalized service.”

2GEN was forced into lots of redundant data entry, and that created too much room for error.

“The time you lose isn’t free,” Fitzgerald says. “Free and un-integrated is more costly than it looks.”