From The Editor | August 10, 2010

Tigerpaw Ready To Stretch After Hibernation


By Gennifer Biggs, security, storage, and managed services editor

After not hearing a lot from this business automation software vendor for the past year, I was glad to sit down and chat with Tigerpaw President James Foxall, who shared some of the reasons the vendor has been hush-hush – namely its new, nearly completely overhauled version of its product. "We are getting ready for version 11 to go into beta, and we'll have it ready to roll out by our first user conference, which is in Dallas in October," explained Foxall.

He explained the new version was based on user input from the vendor's partners, an effort that included online collaborative meetings where versions of the software where visually edited with the partners help. The goal, he says is not only a better version of the software product, which includes a new user interface, the flexibility to handle the evolving managed services/product sales mix, and work in industries such as POS and telcom, but also to actually improve on the areas that needed work in the eyes of Tigerpaw partners. "We had shipped ‘empty product' for a long time, and our users ended up figuring out what they needed as they needed it, and we wanted to offer them more guidance," says Foxall. "We wanted to bring that master user experience down to the new user level."

Tigerpaw expects to release what Foxall calls its "most substantial release" ever at its first user conference, which will be held in Dallas Oct. 6-8.

Listen to James Foxall share more about Version 11.