Newsletter | April 20, 2022

04.20.22 -- Threat Hunting: Your Best Defense Against Unknown Threats

Threat Hunting: Your Best Defense Against Unknown Threats

Threat actors are becoming more sophisticated, agile, and relentless in their pursuit of stealing personal information for financial gain. Rapid and evolving shifts in the threat landscape require the knowledge and solutions to prepare and prevent threats that could spell disaster for organizations’ reputations and operations.

Security Awareness Training: An Educational Asset You Can’t Be Without

The global workforce is increasingly becoming more highly connected and widely dispersed. As workforces become more globally linked, businesses large and small need to protect themselves from evolving threats. Employees represent the first line of defense from malicious vectors that attempt to compromise your organization’s information technology infrastructure through common access points.

Why It’s Critical For Businesses To Implement A Cyber Resilience Framework

Cyber resilience, the ability to maintain business operations in the face of unending and evolving cyber threats, can be an intimidating topic for any business. When access to data is disrupted, as with a ransomware attack, the implications can be crippling.

Strengthening Cyber Resilience In The U.K. Through Managed Service Providers

The U.K. government has released a National Cyber Strategy to help guide the country’s strategic approach to combating the proliferation of cyber threats. As part of this strategy, the U.K. government is looking to expand its regulations under the Network and Information Systems (NIS) to include managed service providers (MSPs).

Protect From Cyberattacks With These 6 Steps For Cyber Resilience

The pros behind Carbonite + Webroot joined forces with industry leading researchers at IDC to develop an easy-to-understand framework for fighting back against cybercrime. The results? A six-step plan for adopting a cyber resilience strategy meant to keep businesses safe.

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

By taking a predictive, adaptive, multilayered approach to stopping attacks in real time, Webroot Business Endpoint Protection offers a faster and significantly more effective alternative to traditional business antivirus solutions.

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