Guest Column | July 3, 2014

5 Things You Need To Know To Write Apps For Hospitality Clients

Mobile Apps Expected To Impact Holiday Sales

By Tess Rex, Channel Sales Manager, Avero

Welcome to 2014, the year we’ve finally accepted the sad but palpable truth that smart phones and tablets have become our closest companions. These devices are our diaries, our assistants, and our shining beacons of connectivity. They are our car keys, our credit cards, our encyclopedias, and our professional photographers. With over 1 million mobile applications out there — and hundreds being added every single day — it is more important than ever before to outperform the competition in the app space. App ratings have the power to make or break an idea the way a negative review can shutter the new French restaurant down the block from your apartment, and consumers can be unforgiving.

The good news, however, is consumers can also be loyal — create an app that’s magnetic, and you will create a following. And the better news? The hospitality space is a wide open field of possibility for app design. While slower to adopt most technologies, the hospitality industry is ripe for the picking for all kinds of apps to make operators and guests happier people, whether it’s reservation and waitlist management, business intelligence and analytics, menu display and order taking, or payment processing. So, what’s the easiest way to keep those happy people happy?

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