Guest Column | July 17, 2014

Things To Include In Your Elevator Speech

Elevator Speech

By Dan Wensley, President, Plan 27

I Got Off The Elevator And Still Don’t Know What You Do!

In this age of social media, coupled with our instant access to information from anywhere at any time, you might think the need for a traditional elevator pitch is obsolete. However, the old sales practice of crafting a short, succinct introduction to your organization may be more relevant than ever. 

The need of conveying quickly to others, especially potential new customers who you are and what you do, might actually be amplified by the near endless list of vehicles available to deliver that message. If I am introduced to a new company, vendor, or technology, I am consistently frustrated by how much time and how many pages and clicks it takes to simply determine what they actually do and for whom they are providing value. 

Occasionally ... after numerous page clicks on a website, I still find myself unclear as to what they do or offer — clearly they are not solving my pain point. Is this company a software company who sells some sort of cloud based solution to small businesses or are they a vendor who supplies solutions to the channel? Personally I have developed my own tactic to determine what a company actually does; the career section and job postings often do a better job describing what the company does and the market they are actually focused on. 

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