White Paper

Things To Consider When Using Smartphones For Data Capture

Source: BlueStar, Inc.
Honeywell Scanning and Mobility - Image-Based Data Collection Solutions

Purpose-built scanners and mobile computers with integrated imagers deliver fast, accurate scanning

Barcode and data collection applications go hand-in-hand across industries. They are a valuable choice for businesses looking to improve effi ciency and reduce overhead; barcodes are cost effective, reliable and reduce the potential for human error.

Smartphones are also commonplace today. Equipped with low-cost, high-resolution digital cameras, these consumer devices are now increasingly used to scan and decode barcodes. Although consumer grade devices offer barcode scanning capabilities to look up prices, access data, or access content on a QR code with the simple download of a mobile app, they have limitations that make them unsuitable for many business applications. Alternatively, Honeywell enterprise class scanners and mobile computers with integrated imagers offer distinct advantages...

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