Guest Column | August 11, 2015

4 Things SMBs Are Looking For From Their Software And IT Solutions Providers

By Zoran Adamovic, CEO, HOB

Software And IT Solutions Providers

Small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners have a lot on their plates, many taking on roles typically outsourced or assigned to an employee such as human resources, marketing, and business development. One of the most vexing roles for a business owner to take on is IT administrator. IT is evolving at the speed of light with new technologies being introduced every day. While a small business owner may be an expert in his or her special craft, they may lack the expertise to research, understand and implement the myriad of IT solutions critical to operating a business today.

The shift to software-defined solutions, through which software takes on activities previously executed by hardware, can facilitate building and managing an SMB’s IT needs. To help SMB owners navigate the many software choices available, an IT solutions provider can be an invaluable partner. An experienced IT solutions provider will ensure businesses deploy software solutions that boast four critical features:

  1. Scalability. Software functionality should grow with a business. This is vital for small businesses in particular, which typically experience more workforce growth than larger companies. When working with an SMB, an IT solutions provider should think about scalable software solutions rather than hardware. Software solutions are often superior to hardware solutions in terms of scalability because they can be adapted to any number of users, while hardware solutions may be limited. If a solution scales well, it offers opportunities for SMBs to save money. Reducing overhead costs is crucial for SMBs and can also be achieved by adding licenses to existing software instead of buying new appliances.

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