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11.19.19 -- These Vulnerabilities Are Putting Your Clients At Risk


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Channel Insights
How To Bundle Security Services To Improve Pricing And Close Ratios
Article | Stellar Cyber

Today’s businesses succeed by selling a handful of bundled items to a large number of customers. Think about restaurants, where the trend has been away from a la carte menus to limited menus, because it’s easier, more efficient, and requires less skill to produce a few entrée/side dish combinations than to try to fulfill each diner’s specific requests.

Top 10 Ways A Cloud Service Partner Will Help You Drive Your Own Success In The Cloud
Guest Column | By Mathieu Pipe-Rondeau, SherWeb

As a VAR, the opportunities arising from your customer’s move to cloud services are huge. Yet, while the cloud appears simple at a surface level, marketing, selling, designing, deploying, and supporting new cloud apps often demand skills that might be outside of your current capabilities.

Workplace Trends: The Way We Work Is Changing
Article | Sennheiser

The way we work today is both global and mobile, which has led to an overhaul of the traditional work environment. A change in workstyles requires a change in workspaces, which must become equally flexible while facilitating mobility, collaboration, idea-generation, and more.

Net Promoter Score Is An Integral Marketing Tool For Your Merchants
Article | EVO Payments

Chances are as a consumer you’ve probably received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey asking, “How likely are you to recommend our product or service to your friends or family?” This tool is an integral way for your merchants to gain customers’ opinions and gauge their loyalty. It serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction surveys, and the results can correlate to potential revenue growth.

These Vulnerabilities Are Putting Your Clients At Risk
  Article | Webroot

Cybercriminals have their eyes on new vulnerabilities as a way of compromising your clients. Your response needs to go beyond patching bad code.

From Swords To Keyboards: MSPs And Their Customers Under Attack
Video | The ASCII Group

Hear from a top industry expert as he shares useful information for anyone involved in cybersecurity.

Blockchain Brings Opportunity For Channel — But Challenges Too
Article | CompTIA

There are plenty of reasons for solutions providers to get excited about blockchain, but there’s also a lot to do before most can develop successful practices, according to members of CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council.

Leadership Lessons
10 Tips For Adding Security And Compliance To Your Services Stack
By Alex Rutkovitz, Choice CyberSecurity

Managing data privacy and protection, storage, and transfer — as well as compliance with state, federal, and international laws and guidelines — is too complex for clients of all sizes to manage internally. It's natural that they look to their IT partners to help them solve this issue. It's your opportunity to be ready with a plan when they do. Even better, bring the solution to them before they even start searching. Here’s how.

ASCII Education Webinar: Understanding What High Growth MSPs Are Doing To Close Business

December 11, 2pm EDT

At the end of 2018, ASCII surveyed over 370 MSP members on the sales strategies they used to close new business. The results were insightful and uncovered which strategies out-perform others, in terms of higher close ratios for both referral and non-referral business. During this session, we will go through and analyze what specific sales tactics are typically utilized by high growth MSPs in closing new clients. Join us as we break the numbers down on sales performance and identify what you could potentially be doing differently to close more business. Hosted by Jerry Koutavas, President, The ASCII Group.