Guest Column | August 21, 2014

The Way To The Cloud: 6 Ways To Find More Success In The Cloud

By Laura Stewart, Contributing Writer, Tech Data’s Authority magazine

The Cloud

When it comes to making money, the way we see and approach opportunities has a tremendous impact on our success. So it makes sense, then, that we take a look at how we should approach the cloud industry if we want to start really making money in the cloud. We scoured the field and found six tips that do just that.

Make cloud part of a broader solution

Cloud is not one-size-fits-all. It’s a potential method to solve a problem and too frequently we try to separate cloud from other solutions instead of evaluating it alongside them.

Paul Mulner, director of cloud services at Stalwart Systems in Atlanta, GA, learned that lesson the hard way. In an effort to grow cloud business, Stalwart made the bold move to create a separate division focused solely on the cloud. But segmenting cloud didn’t result in the growth they were hoping for. In fact, in some ways it had the opposite effect. Although they ended going back to their old system, Mulner says they learned a very important lesson.

“We’re trying too hard as an industry to segment cloud instead of treating it like another solution,” Mulner says. “When it came to addressing our customers’ needs, the cloud team wasn’t as aware of traditional on-prem solutions that might be a great fit for the customer; likewise, our on-prem team wasn’t as equipped to recognize when cloud might be the best solution for that customer.”

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