White Paper

The Trends And Benefits Of Smart Cards And Biometric Security Devices

Source: CHERRY

Everyone is concerned with digital data security today, in one way or another. For every digital advancement, there seems to be a counter development to breach its security. The trust and etiquette that once governed the use of the old telephone party lines would serve us well today, but we cannot count on such protocol for today’s data and communication devices. Additional protection is needed.

Government institutions, hospitals, businesses and home office users need to invest more attention and money to insure the security of their data. With the computing power and storage capabilities of current devices, we have become vulnerable by concentrating so much data in single locations. We fear the possibility of anyone hacking our data without permission (password). Since the password is the first line of defense for data security, resetting and managing an organization’s passwords have become one of the largest IT costs for most institutions, large and small.