Guest Column | September 5, 2014

The Top 5 Uses For Digital Signage In Manufacturing

By Kelly Eisel, Industry Weapon,

Digital Signage In Manufacturing

Manufacturing employees often work long hours, on their feet, doing the same tasks hundreds of times over. Their accomplishments are number based, which is often a far cry for the amount of effort put into a given day.

Nine percent of the American workforce has employment in manufacturing. Of that workforce, there is a 7 percent annual turnover rate — 40 percent of companies have a lower turnover rate when they have higher levels of employee engagement. Engagement starts with communication, yet communication is where most manufacturing sites fall short.

Why do most traditional communication attempts fail in the manufacturing environment? For starters, most manufacturing employees are unable to carry a phone while working, they aren’t able to access computers to check email, and their environment is too loud for intercom announcements. Many employees are temporary or contracted, and walk out of the job without learning more than their specific assignment. Shift managers are too preoccupied with machinery and deadlines to be responsible for internal communications, as well. The employees rely on flyers in the break room and the rare team meeting to stay informed.

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