Guest Column | June 6, 2014

The Top 4 Reasons To Wait On 4K Video

Video Surveillance Array

By Joel White senior product manager of IP cameras for the American Dynamics brand of Tyco Security Products

Our industry’s seemingly insatiable appetite for more and more resolution has now produced a wave of interest in 4K cameras that promise exceptional clarity and sharpness, akin to the big screen, Ultra HD television sets found in consumer electronics stores and an increasing number of North American homes.

Some would argue that it’s a foregone conclusion that the security industry will adopt the same Ultra HD approach, driven by market demand and product performance. Still others would suggest that this demand is being created by the consumer/broadcast industry in which to grow their own market, and which sees security’s transition from analog to IP video as untapped potential.

The jury is still out on whether there is an immediate need for the resolution that can overcome the downsides of increased storage and bandwidth required for running 4K cameras in a surveillance operation. Like so many things, if the cost of the camera, cost of the supporting system infrastructure, and cost of components were of no concern, this new format would likely be a more viable and attractive option for many security applications.

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