Guest Column | May 27, 2015

The Top Objections To Cloud Security — And How To Overcome Them

By Chris Johnson, Chair of the CompTIA IT Security Community and CEO of Untangled Solutions

Objections To Cloud Security

Using the cloud for business is still an unknown frontier for many businesses. Regardless of their size or the markets they operate in, very few organizations understand the cloud well enough to leverage it to their advantage. That may also explain why IT providers run into so many objections relating to its security. People don’t trust what they can’t see, especially with data breaches jumping onto the priority list of most managers and owners.

Successfully selling cloud services starts with understanding your clients’ needs as well as addressing their concerns. Until they turn to you and ask for advice on whether cloud is an option for them, you’ll be playing catchup in the “trusted advisor” game. Cloud is a very hard concept for lay people. Sadly, the term is used so generically that it becomes part of the objection.

The Issues Of Information Assurance And Compliance

Compliance issues and concerns such as not knowing where a company’s data actually resides often adds days if not weeks to the sales cycle. Suddenly you’re addressing concerns that were seldom (perhaps never) raised about their current information threats and vulnerabilities. Once the word “cloud” enters the discussion, concern for information protection becomes a big deal.  Go figure.

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