Guest Column | May 27, 2014

The Top 3 Benefits Of Advanced PDUs

Advanced PDUs

By Joe Skorjanec, Product Manager, Eaton

In today’s information-driven business landscape, enterprises are increasingly dependent on successful data center operations. Achieving optimum efficiency and maintaining reliability is vital, because when power fails in a data center, the bottom line suffers.

Certainly, high-level power distribution strategies are needed for peak efficiency, yet data centers must go beyond a big-picture view of operations. Data centers that are contending with a variety of pressure-inducing factors must keep a watchful eye on all aspects of power distribution at a granular level. A new generation of advanced rack PDUs (power distribution units) — devices with monitoring and management capabilities — offer data centers comprehensive functionality that addresses their most pressing operational needs.

Keeping administrative costs down, easing installation, and increasing agility are important considerations for solution providers to keep in mind as they communicate the value of a comprehensive power management solution.

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