Guest Column | January 24, 2012

The State Of Social Media In The POS Industry

Steven Groves

By Steven Groves, marketing strategist/author, ROI of Social Media

Online and social media-based marketing has, by most all accounts taken over as a growing, if not predominate tactic for businesses to connect to customers. This is true for connecting to both consumers (B2C) and other businesses (B2B) – marketing online and social is where you want to be sure you are allocating some of your marketing investment.

If this statement is true, we wondered what the state of social media adoption is by the POS industry in particular. We set off to uncover what both POS developers and POS resellers are doing to connect to their audience online.

We saw technology companies and socially savvy businesses leaping out to show the way, but many more are hanging back and saying, "I see my competitors doing it and my customers certainly are, but I'm not sure how to get involved – what do I do," or "I don't get it, what's the payoff?"