Guest Column | April 8, 2013

The Social Hermit

By David Gosman, CEO, pcAmerica,

Have you ever seen this line in a local newspaper: “This little Italian bistro is the best kept secret”? One side of you may think, “That’s pretty cool. A little place with great food that nobody knows about.” The other side of you is probably thinking, “Well that’s pretty stupid. Why would you open up such a great little restaurant... and be a hermit?”

Whether you own a retail store, restaurant or a POS, you don’t want your business to be a secret. You don’t want to be a social hermit. The concept of Ownership Thinking, or identifying and nourishing employees that will treat your business as their own, was discussed in the education sessions during RSPA’s INSPIRE 2013 Thought Leadership Summit in Curaçao. Below are a few concepts that leaders in a business can embrace to boost their social media presence and get the online exposure they need to bring clients in the door.

1. People like people. Social media isn’t as much about what you do as it is who you are, what you know and how you do business. It gives you a chance to humanize your company and display the passion and knowledge of the individuals working for you. The world continues to get smaller as technology makes communication easier. People buy from people, especially people that are experienced, knowledgeable and helpful. Winning businesses usually have at least a few staff members that think and communicate like owners. If you can involve them in your social networking efforts, and encourage them to share their knowledge and passion, you’re bound to drive in some new business.

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