Guest Column | April 15, 2014

The Secret To Channel Success: Quit Using Spreadsheets

IT Channel Success Secrets

By Dan Hawtof, VP of Business Solutions, Global Channel, parago

We all know it’s true: A lot of channel programs are still being managed with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It’s far more common than you’d expect, even in some of the larger companies. And, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with using spreadsheets if you want to manage a very small program, incentive, or campaign — or even analyze a set of data. But ask for anything complex, and your spreadsheet is probably creating more work than it’s doing. Here are five signs you need an incentive platform, not a spreadsheet.

1. Your manual processes have led to mistakes

Whether information has been entered incorrectly, a formula isn’t quite right or a sloppy sort has disconnected some data, human error can be hard to identify and undo in a spreadsheet — especially if everything is manually inputted and manipulated.

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