Guest Column | December 6, 2013

The Road To Big Data

By Walker Thompson, VP Sales and Marketing, WhenToManage

Retailers have been using data to run and improve their businesses for many, many years. Only in the last few years has data become “Big” and a much larger focus for retailers as consumers have become more savvy and demanding. The use of mobile devices also has added complexity to the mix, making the old “spreadsheet method” a thing of the past. The advantages of Big Data analytics are endless — from marketing to operations — and a necessity for retailers of any size to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace. They key to good analytics, which retailers often overlook, is having the right process in place to collect and analyze the data. Without the proper technology, process and organizational adoption, it’s difficult to realize the potential of Big Data. Here are some key considerations for retailers considering upping their Big Data game:

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