Newsletter | September 1, 2020

09.01.20 -- The Rise Of Home Infosec - How To Support Your Customers

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There Are Savings To Be Had In Cybersecurity. Just Not Where You Might Think.

Prior to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Webroot’s annual Threat Report highlighted a 640 percent increase in active phishing sites on the web. However difficult it may be to believe (or easy, depending on your outlook), things have gotten even worse since.

11 Types Of Phishing Attacks You Need To Know To Stay Safe

First described in 1987, phishing is now carried out via text, phone, advertising, and of course email. But knowing about the hugely diverse set of today's phishing tactics can help VARs to be more prepared for the inevitable instance when their clients become the target.

How VARs Can Help Clients Safely Reopen

Michael Russo, chief technology officer at Shift4, took the time to speak with VAR Insights about how to help merchants struggling to reopen, new payment methods, and what emerging technologies VARs need to be aware of.

5 Best Practices For Managing Your Business Through A Crisis Or Disaster

When faced with a crisis or disaster, it can be daunting for solutions providers to know where to focus their efforts. Issues that need immediate attention may range from restoring networks and service to evaluating staffing to troubleshooting IT supply chain problems, but other, longer-term challenges may also require resources and consideration as well.

The Rise Of Home Infosec — How To Support Your Customers

Despite whatever policies companies have around using work devices for personal purposes, the reality is that employees are juggling their personal and work activities at home. They’re downloading kids’ homework assignments, scheduling Amazon deliveries, streaming music—all on the same devices they use to access work services and work email.

How To Use PR To Get Your MSP Noticed

Learn how you can use local media to generate PR exposure for your company!

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