White Paper

The Right Way To Leverage Social Media

Source: CompTIA

CompTIA's Social Business: Trends and Opportunities study examines the growing use of social technologies for business purposes, both external and internal to an organization. The objective of this research include:

  • Evaluate the familiarity with both social media and social enterprise tools
  • Ascertain benefits realized from using social solutions
  • Identify the challenges in using social solutions or the reasons for not using them
  • Explore the use of social policies by companies who are using social solutions
  • Assess the opportunities for IT solution providers

Key Points

  • The social space can be divided into two categories. Social media use involves public sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. To this point, marketing has been the primary use of social media. Social enterprise tools such as IBM connections, Yammer, and Jive seek to bring social capabilities into an organization’s business process. Adoption of these tools is significantly lower than social media.

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