Magazine Article | June 15, 2016

The Possibilities Of mPOS Custom Configuration Enhances Potential

Source: BlueStar, Inc.

Payment processing and POS technology is in transition — and the debate between traditional POS solutions and mPOS solutions heads up the change. The growth in popularity of mPOS systems has exceeded the expectations of many, boasting massive growth in implementation for 2015. Looking toward the future, 451 Research, an IT research and analytics company in New York City, predicts that the mPOS install base will grow from roughly 13 million units to roughly 54 million in 2019.

But it’s not enough for VARs and ISVs to rest on these numbers as a guarantee that sales will continue to increase. While today’s consumers are eager to accept an mPOS shopping experience, plenty of merchants aren’t fully on board yet — many are unwilling to switch to a new and unfamiliar system, despite the benefits of upgrading. However, with custom configuration options available, there are ways that VARs and ISVs can show the ease of implementation for these hesitant merchants.