Article | October 19, 2011

The Mobile Workforce: Not Just Plug-And-Play Computing

Source: AVG Business

Mobile workers (if connected securely) can form an invaluable efficiency boost to the way a forward-thinking company manages its pool of staff skills. In the UK alone, surveys suggest that British commuters are losing as much as five million work hours of commuting time every day.

Ex-minister for trade and previous director general of the CBI Lord Digby Jones of Birmingham has said that it is time for firms to modernize, change their approach and above all "retrain management" to understand the benefits of new smarter working practices.

Echoing Lord Jones, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has gone on the record saying that, "A growing number of employees want more flexibility about when and where they work. In a recent government survey some five million people said that they wanted to switch to ‘flex time' or home working. Employers who can meet this demand for different ways of working will gain valuable benefits in terms of improvements in recruitment, motivation and productivity."