White Paper

The Managed Services Sales Imperative

Source: Continuum

This MSP Guide from Continuum discusses how emphasizing sales and capacity utilization builds and sustains MSP profitability. It includes information regarding the case for increased sales focus, the real managed services business model, 3 phases of MSP sales execution, positive dynamics of utilization tipping point, and what makes MSPs valuable.

The initial discussion of the case for increased sales focus looks at the importance of cash as the lifeblood of every business and how sales is what keeps the cash flowing. It covers two main reasons why a strong sales philosophy and organization are imperative. These reasons are:

  • Compared to product-based businesses, managed services are even more dependent on cash flow for their profitability and, ultimately, long-term viability
  • Without the continual influx of new accounts and recurring service fees, managed services businesses will become increasingly less profitable and less competitive

This guide notes that managed services success isn’t just creating a recurring revenue stream through service payments, but also adding on new accounts and utilizing current service capacity to make the investment worthwhile. It also states, “Thriving MSPs are those that stress their sales infrastructure and practices more than any other facet of their organization.”

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