Article | February 12, 2019

The Integration That Makes Procurement Simple

Source: ConnectWise

By Sam Demulling, ConnectWise

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Most technology professionals don’t usually jump for joy when they hear procurement. In reality, it’s a task most struggle with. When the products you use can’t define a solid and efficient procurement process, it can heavily impact your bottom line—and your sanity.

ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell work together to eliminate repetition and centralize information into a single pane of glass—making procurement simple. Ease handoffs between sales, service, and finance, keep accurate inventory counts, know what products belong to what clients, manage purchase orders, and source products in real time with this powerful integration.

Explore the features below that can streamline your procurement process, allowing for more efficiency and peace of mind that all the correct products and services arrive on time and at the right location.

Real-Time Pricing & Catalog

When building a quote, your sales team goes through numerous steps to ensure they are sourcing products from the right distributor. Sometimes, they may not know for sure if they’re getting the best deal—which can impact margins and the customer’s price.

The Real-Time Pricing and Catalog feature in ConnectWise Sell allows sales to search for products and see the best prices available, without any roadblocks or limitations. Whether you use spreadsheets or a CRM, you can link your existing product catalog resources—allowing you to save time, easily update or upsell quotes, and pull the most current product data anytime, anywhere.