White Paper

The Growing Requirements For 2D Imaging Technology

Source: Datalogic ADC, Inc.

Productivity is a key performance indicator for any industry, and it is becoming widely accepted that bar code data collection technology is one of the best productivity investments a company can make. This has resulted in the world of data capture becoming more complex in recent years. Today, companies not only need the right data capture technology to meet the requirements of their applications, they must first decide on what the optimum technology is for their business from the different symbologies that have been developed, each with a specific set of characteristics.

There are two main factors to be considered when choosing a symbology.

First, a business must consider whether they need to adopt a particular symbology to comply with an existing industry or organizational standard. The second factor is the type and amount of data that must be encoded.

The increasing amount of data encoded in both traditional and emerging market applications is driving the acceptance and requirements for twodimensional (2D) symbologies. 2D symbologies encode data in both the height and width of the symbol. The amount of data that can be contained in a single code is significantly greater than that stored in a one-dimensional bar code.