Guest Column | December 6, 2011

The Finer Points Of IP Video

Scott Schafer

By Scott Schafer, EVP of sales and marketing, Arecont Vision

Which vertical markets present the best opportunity for selling video surveillance technologies?

High-definition IP video benefits all vertical markets. The ability to capture more clear video images and to utilize fewer cameras that cover larger areas is compelling whether in the retail, banking/financial, education, public safety, or healthcare verticals. From an economic standpoint, using fewer cameras means less infrastructure, which lowers the overall system costs and contributes to ROI. The ROI benefit of megapixel video is attractive in any vertical market.

That said, the vertical markets that are most accepting to IP networks and IP computing are more likely to embrace IP security solutions. We all know that schools and universities installed IP networks earlier than many commercial businesses. So, education is a good opportunity as is healthcare. When approaching other vertical markets, take a look at the individual company prospects you intend to pursue and find out how IP network-savvy they are. If they are firm where IT is important and the security team and the IT network team work well together, they are likely to be an excellent target.