White Paper

The Effect Of UPS On System Availability

Source: APC by Schneider Electric

This white paper explains how system availability and uptime are affected by AC power outages and provides quantitative data regarding uptime in real-world environments, including the effect of UPS on up time. The data includes the effects of power outage frequency and duration, the restart behavior of the equipment, and factors related to the reliability of the UPS. The benefit of extended UPS run time on system reliability is also shown.

The uptime requirements placed on IS systems are increasing and targets of 99.999% (5-nines) reliability are often a stated target. Of the many factors that limit the ability of a system to achieve this level of performance, the AC power reliability is a very real barrier to achieving this objective. However, the relationship between ac power reliability and uptime is not obvious, and this is compounded by the fact that ac power reliability is often highly variable from site to site.

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