Article | March 18, 2013

The Demise Of The DVR

Source: Axis Communications
Axis Communications

By Vince Rocco, Axis Communications

There is currently a move away from outdated DVRs used in the analog CCTV world to a more standardized and scalable IP-based video streams and storage. There are four distinct trends driving the demise of the DVR:

  1. Edge or "on camera" storage is made possible by the increase in storage capacity of SD/MicroSD cards.  Thirty-two gigabytes is standard today with 64 GB and higher capacity emerging to allow for extended time periods of recording to reside directly on network cameras and video encoders that support this technology. This edge storage can be used standalone with the video files retrievable as needed or used in conjunction with one of the other storage solutions as fail-over redundancy.      

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