Guest Column | July 5, 2012

The Critical Difference Between Cloud Storage And Cloud Backup

Jamie Brenzel headshot

By Jamie Brenzel, CEO, KineticD

The threats to your data are limitless — natural disasters, fires, water damage, equipment theft, and hardware failure, to name just a few. In the first quarter of 2012, FEMA reported twelve natural disasters throughout the country, including tornadoes, flooding, mud slides, and severe storms from Florida to Alaska. In the event of a disaster, if you don’t have access to an off-site copy of your data, or if you are unable to replicate it, the chances are it will be gone forever.

Choosing The Right Provider Should Be No Different Than Buying A Car
Today, many businesses are opting to move their data to the cloud, citing benefits in cost, time savings/automation, security, and access, however some small to medium sized businesses still retain reservations about keeping their sensitive data off-site and beyond their control. A recent Information Week Report indicated that of 414 business technology professionals, only 23% use cloud services as part of their application and data recovery strategies. Many others are confused by the number of online cloud backup companies and “free storage” offerings that are flooding the market; while others are concerned about those data storage companies who have proven to be “fly-by-night” entities that are here today, gone tomorrow.