White Paper

The Business Case For IP Networked Video Surveillance

Source: Milestone Systems

Technology in the security market today is changing. Bottom line. Look around you. Cameras, locks, doors, card readers, et al. are now part of the IT network.

Some of you already know what benefits IP-based security brings to the table because you have already implemented these very products at your organization, but a major portion of you are still learning about what IP is. And how about the rest of you — yes, you — who understand the benefits but are looking at the investment you made in an analog system, maybe only five years ago. How are you going to convince your CEO to spend money on upgrading to IP?

Tough questions, right?

Unfortunately, this is not the only challenge. The answers cannot come solely from your physical security department. See, the thing about IP-based technology is that it runs on that pesky IT network. What does your IT department think about additional products on their network? Do even you know how to ask them? Do you speak IT?

Well, to get the answers, you have to be informed.

Over the past three years, we here at Security Director News and Security Systems News have developed a conference focused on the emergence of IP-ready physical security technology — TechSec Solutions is moving into its fourth year as the premier event in the market that addresses these very questions.