Guest Column | June 4, 2014

The Biggest Impact Of The Internet Of Things On VARs

VAR Internet Of Things

By Clint Hofer, Owner, Slingfly Media

First, understand that your business is under attack from competition that until recently was not even on your radar.

While you may think your market wants to buy from a VAR that is physically located nearby, the Internet has blown your strategy out the door. Today, any number of companies is invading the screens of your customers, attempting to lead them astray.

Now is the time for you to decide if you will sit by idly and share your profits, or make changes that will keep your company as the go-to partner for your market.

No 1: Get Attention. One of the largest impacts in your industry is that companies can create an online presence, which makes them appear larger and more impressive than your team. Even worse, they can use the right online marketing and social media elements in order to reach those same clients that simply used to flip through the Yellow Pages and call your listing as the “local guy.” Fight back by ensuring your website and online marketing elements are both updated and effective. This is a tool that can formed and molded into a 24-hour sales machine that does not eat or sleep.

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