Guest Column | May 9, 2013

The Best Way To Ignore Your Customers

Customer service. It’s thathing you just have to do after you sell something. You already closed the deal, but your customer still needs help. They need tracking numbers, service calls, exchanges, RMAs, and technical support. If done the right way -- read, the old-fashioned way, providing customer service takes a lot of effort and individual communication. However, according to (1), “Anything that’s old and requires effort is inefficient.” There must be a better way, right?

Some businesses have turned to social media to provide customer service. Actually, it’s more like their customers have. Many businesses have ignored the public queries. About 70% of complaints on Twitter and Facebook are ignored (2). Some businesses have realized they should respond... the successful ones have followed a few general guidelines:


For most busesses, the initial step into social media is for marketing. Marketing staff are sharing news, fun stories, product information and deals. The consumers interacting with this account are generally looking for product information, education and promotions. While you want to handle customer service issues professionally (and often with social networks, publicly), you don’t really want to dump all the ‘dirty laundry’ into your primary marketing account. It is best to create a second account that is focused on customer service and handled by the proper staff within your organization. Respond to all customer service inquiries using the customer service account.

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