Newsletter | October 6, 2020

10.06.20 -- The Best Resellers Are Focusing On Their Customers' Success

Channel Insights
3 Surefire Ways Resellers Can Market Their Services Effectively

Resellers need a solid approach that will quickly and simply explain what they can offer and how partnering with them can help a merchant grow.

Evasive Scripts: What They Are, And What We’re Doing About Them

“What’s an evasive attack? At a very basic level, it’s exactly what it sounds like; it’s a cyberattack that’s designed to hide from you,” says Grayson Milbourne, security intelligence director at Webroot, an OpenText company.

For MSPs Guiding Clients Through Trying Times

It’s not all bad being an MSP right now. With many employees migrating to remote work, IT services are in high demand. For many MSPs, this meant a glut of work during the March and April months. But now, many of their clients are struggling.

Cracking Open The Home Services Vertical

Home services companies have dispatchers who take calls and assign them, techs who service the calls, and support personnel who order parts, keep them stocked, and handle financials. Sounds familiar, right? These companies are also time sensitive and customer loyalty is thin. So, when selling to these businesses, keep in mind they don’t have the stickiness we do with our clients so there are some things you will need to cover with them and come to mutual understandings.

Data Center Energy Savings Methods

View this webinar to learn more about how data center monitoring systems are able to improve operational efficiency as well as creating tangible ROI.

APG Sneeze Guards Strike A Chord For Music Stores, Keeping Employees And Patrons Safe

A music store is more than a place of commerce. It’s a community haven for musicians who gather to discuss their favorite gear, try out instruments, and trade techniques. And it’s a place of dreams, where aspiring young musicians picture themselves playing the world’s stages.

The Best Resellers Are Focusing On Their Customers’ Success

While having the latest technology and high-end hardware is important, today’s most successful resellers are looking beyond their expertise and are aiming to align their business model and sales strategy with the success of their customers.

Leadership Lessons
Turning New Regulations Into IoT Opportunity: How To Become A Trusted Business Partner

In this edition, learn how a technology vendor recognized a need in the market after new industry regulations were introduced, and transformed into a trusted business advisor and broader tech expert.

How Do Workers Return To The Workplace And Stay Safe?

The global pandemic has stoked fear, insecurity, and concern for businesses and individuals worldwide. Uncertainty has dominated the lives of millions quarantined at home, many of that number working remotely.