Newsletter | October 20, 2020

10.20.20 -- The Benefits Of Warning Your Clients About Price Increases

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Safety First: How To Continue Delivering On-Site IT Support

Many IT service companies find themselves forced to continue sending IT technicians out into the field. This doesn’t mean technicians can’t be safe, however. Here are five things your IT service company can do to keep your technicians safe and your clients’ needs met.

Cash Wars: Legal Tender Is Still Standing

A solid majority of small business owners (83 percent) say they will never stop accepting cash payments, according to a recent study. Furthermore, almost three quarters (73 percent) believe America will never go cashless.

15 Fast And Affordable Marketing Tips For Resellers

There are plenty of ways to market your business with a smaller budget. Do not skip out on marketing just because you think you cannot afford it.

DoH Is Here To Stay: Why Businesses Should Embrace It

Encrypted DNS—also known as DNS over HTTPS, or DoH—obscures internet traffic from bad actors. But it also has the potential to decrease visibility for IT admins whose responsibility it is to manage DNS requests for their organizations. So, what’s the solution? Strangely, DoH.

The Role Of Hybrid IT In FSI Customer-Centricity

Challenger banks have shown what’s possible in the financial services sector — new ways of banking, trading, as well as modeling and managing risk. As financial services brands consider the next five years, hybrid IT offers the greatest flexibility for developing next-generation products and services.

Hurricane Hacks For Protecting Data

Since there are a number of causes of data loss, it’s important to prepare for all of them. But it’s hard to prepare when you don’t know what to expect. We talked with Carbonite VP of Product Management Jamie Zajac about how to anticipate the types of disasters that catch a lot of people and businesses off guard.

Empowering Your Sales Strategy With Customer Engagement Technology

Today’s consumers expect the businesses they patronize to engage with them in meaningful ways. This new expectation has created a great demand for customer engagement tools, as well as the opportunity for resellers to educate business owners on them.

The Benefits Of Warning Your Clients About Price Increases

Other industries have no issues with raising prices — think of the increases we have come to know on a yearly basis including electric, cable, water, and property taxes to name just a few. However, our increases usually come with the improvement of our services; yet, we still worry about customer’s reactions. Luckily, I have some good news: It’s time to stop worrying because there are more benefits than downsides of warning our clients about price increases.

Business Opportunities In Emerging Technologies: AI

Members of CompTIA’s Emerging Technology Community annually produce a list of Top 10 Emerging Technologies that highlights the products and services that offer the most near-term business opportunity for the IT channel and those working in the business of technology. 

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