White Paper

The Basics Of POS As A Service (POSaaS)

Source: POSERA
POS As A Service

POSaaS opens up new markets and new revenue streams for you. It also opens up new opportunities for startup and small restaurant prospects whose cash flow or caution stops them from licensing Maitre’D. Presented to the right prospects, it turns unqualified prospects into very qualified opportunities.

As with any new offering, there’s a learning curve involved with understanding the market, the product and the benefits. In this issue of Making the Case, we kick off that process with a few basic principles, and a little advice.

What is POSaaS

POSaaS is a pricing structure that follows the subscription model that Cloud services use. Essentially, instead of paying the one-time, up front license free for Maitre’D, customers pay a much lower monthly fee. In essence, it’s like leasing instead of buying the system.

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