White Paper

Technology Breakthrough Advances Line Matrix Printing - Allows For Direct Competition With Laser Printers In Most Industrial Settings

Source: Printronix Inc.

The migration from line matrix printers to laser in industrial environments may soon vanish. The introduction of a significant new technology resolves perceived challenges of operating line matrix printers in modern IT settings and catapults the relevance of industry ‘work-horse' printers to the forefront for both users and decision-makers alike.

Over time, line matrix printers have proven themselves to be economical and dependable, with a better total cost of ownership than alternatives like laser and serial printers. They have always maintained the highest standards of efficiency in the mass production of invoices, bank statements, product shipment documentation and product compliance labels.

Today, many legacy host systems continue to drive demand and the IT world is slowly moving away from the fragmented printing protocols of the past. Now the combination of a small number of print languages that assume significant network bandwidth and high density technologies is necessary. The print languages PCL-5, PDF® and PostScript® are now prevalent in Windows® and Linux® applications as well as ERP systems such as SAP® and Oracle®. In addition, applications are sending more graphics to printers, which is especially true in the case of bar codes.