Podcast | September 30, 2010

Podcast: TCO In Field Service

Source: Motorola

John Pomerleau, Director of the Industry Solutions Group for Field Mobility at Motorola, talks with Jameson Publishing and Field Technologies Online President Jim Roddy in this exclusive Executive-To-Executive interview. In this interview, Pomerleau details five unique TCO considerations for mobile devices in field service, discusses the impact of not conducting a thorough TCO analysis, and offers advice to field service executives who are conducting a TCO analysis.

"If I just implement, for example, a GPS application – a GPS black box for my vehicles, that's great. I know where they are," Pomerleau says. "I just did answer that problem, but I didn't address any of the other issues to help that field technician not only get there on time but get him as much information as he can once he's there and then offer additional services to the customer once he's there to delight the customer. … You don't have to implement it all at once, but if you have it all kind of mapped out – here's where we're going and here's the timeline we're going to get there – you're much farther ahead and you'll get there a lot faster."