Case Study

Tapingo And Star Micronics Team Up To Simplify The Retail Industry

Source: Star Micronics

Tapingo, Inc. recently set out to dramatically improve the customer experience for quick service and pick-up food ordering both in traditional retail environments and on college campuses. Tapingo, a leader in the mobile ordering industry, wanted a solution that would deliver a great experience to their customers and tightly integrate with their partners to provide unforgettable service.

When developing the Active Cashier™, Tapingo did extensive research into several areas in order to develop a “first of its kind” retail tablet solution. First, they had to determine that the wireless tablet was reliable enough to receive retail orders remotely. Second, they wanted a solution with the ability and feasibility for a tablet to print receipts with the same level of performance seen by traditional point of sale systems. Finally, Tapingo’s award-winning product development team set out to craft a solution that would be intuitive for retail staff to operate with little training in order to accept and manage

Tapingo orders easily. Tapingo’s solution includes native iPhone® and Android™ applications as well as online ordering. Customers can browse menus, customize their items, and pay for their order directly from their phone. Credit card, PayPal, and Campus Cards are all accepted through the system.

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