Guest Column | February 27, 2012

Take A Second Look At Solid State Storage

Daniel Crain WhipTail

By Jay McCall, networking and managed services editor

Similar to my coverage of Nimbus Data Systems last month, WhipTail is a solid state storage company that's been making several announcements over the past couple of months and projecting big growth in solid state's use in business (WhipTail, which was established in 2008, has been profitable since 2009 and experienced 1,100% revenue growth in 2011 over the previous year). I caught up with CEO Dan Crain to get his take on the role solid state will play in the near future. WhipTail is a channel-based company. It currently has 120 active partners and an internal sales force of 50 employees dedicated to helping drive demand for its resellers. Its predictions about solid state storage's role in business are quite different from its competitors.